Writing Consultation Services

I am currently accepting a handful of fiction and creative non-fiction/memoir writers for part time coaching and writing consultation services. I don’t work with poets or playwrights but I may be able to recommend someone in those genres.

How I can help you:

  • I can help you identify “holes” in your manuscript or story: including logical or plot inconsistencies and/or  places where character/story needs to be deepened.
  • I can help you identify dead or clunky language and prune your sentences back until they are their most beautiful.
  • I can help shake you out of a rut by tailoring a writer’s reading list based on my extensive background as a bookseller. If you read books that inspire you, your writing WILL improve.
  • I can help you identify and work with your learning style so that you are not fighting against your natural strengths each time you sit down to write.
  • I can suggest writing contests, literary journals, and publishing houses that might welcome your work.

How do I work?

  • I currently assist clients all around the country. I prefer to communicate initially via email and work on your piece in writing first. After each stage or draft I like to have a telephone conversation to check in and make sure we are meeting all of your goals.  I am willing to spend as much or as little time as the piece or you require.
  • I charge a negotiable rate depending on the size and duration of the project, which is payable by cash, check or paypal. I bill my reading/editing hours as well as our conversation hours.
  • I am willing to work at your pace and to tailor my program to your needs. I am here to motivate and cheer you on.

If you are interested in learning more about how I can help you take your writing to the next level, please contact me directly at elizabethroseanderson@gmail.com.

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